Blackdog: New 3D Printed sets | Armorama™

Different sets from Blackdog at 1/16 and 1/35 scales

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If Black Dog does for 3D printing what they did for resin casting, this will mean the end of the hobby…


3D printing isn’t easy either because the figure sculptors I’ve communicated with, and even the ones who sold 3D printed items on Armorama, said that one has to go into the 3D CAD software and refine details, errors, issues, and scale. One has to know how to use 3D software for corrections.

To just download and print 3D files from the internet might lead to errors inherent in the 3D print files or 3D scans of the real object(s).

While your advice is true in some cases, it usually is not that bad. Most 3d designers design for games so they do not know if and how it will print. Most slicing software is very good at catching errors, but experience in setting everything up is key. So don’t shy away from it, it is fun, exciting and slightly toxic, just like modeling used to be :grin: