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Blitz Kit takes on this WWI-era French heavy mortar, as well as accessories -- all in 1/35 scale.

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This monster looks strange and wonderful, and Blitz (Takom) makes outstanding kits. I have to get one.

Blitz from France is a cottage industry doing resin kits of French equipment from the period
WW I up to WW II.
Have a look-see here:

You can also make a visit to their factory:

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OH! My bad! I thought it was Blitz kit by Takom. Sorry. I thought they had ventured into uncharted territory there.

It would have been nice if they had.
The resin kits are good so there is nothing to be afraid of, well, maybe the price tag …

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Yeah, 90 Euro makes it strange but a little less wonderful…

Because of its weight, it was nicknamed “fer à repasser” ( = smoothing iron) …


Does Blitz ship to the US or have a distributor in North America?



Blitz does not have a distributor anywhere as far as I am aware. Like many smaller resin companies you need to buy direct from them. I have bought from them before and they will ship to North America and I’m sure anywhere else.

I like it. Sort of reminds me of what the offspring of a cement mixer and a steam roller would look like. That it goes bang is a wonderful bonus. As are the figures though it could use more of them.