Blood Red Skies

Well after looking around at historical wargames and having a love of aircraft I settled on Blood Red Skies and picked up the core starter box ‘Midway’.
Included are rules, tokens, cards, movement sticks and turn things along with 6x Wildcats and 6x A6M2 Zeros all in 1/200 and moulded in resin and a nice decal sheet plus stickers if you don’t fancy decals.

I’ll post once I get the aircraft painted


Ooooo. Well now you need a 1/200 Yorktown and Akagi.

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Thanks for showing us this. I still love the board game Dauntless.

Close, but no hamaki:

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There’s got to be one out there because parts for a 1/200 Akagi are available on Shapeways:

Thanks for the interest guys, I will admit I’m torn as to which nation I should do. If you follow my ship and aircraft posts you’ll know I’m into the New Guinea and Solomon’s campaigns but I’m still British with a side of Italian at heart and when I found you can field my favourite aircraft the mighty Beaufighter, you can see my problem.
As far as I can see there are no rules for RAAF other wise that would solve my problem, like wise FAA Wildcats. Anyway tomorrow I’ll get primer on those Zeros.

Off this evening to watch and learn how to play Star Wars X-Wing at the local wargaming hobby shop/club.