Bloody Retreat 1944 Battle of Tarnopol 1st Panzer Army | Armorama™

Another one of those dioramas that you look at and see the hell that is war in the winter on the Eastern Front a superb diorama from modelling friend Stephen Spooner

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Looks fantastic, is the SPG just a Hummel with a roof welded on?

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Brilliant isnt it.

How good are those streaking effects, snow,. rust etc. Amazing.

Those anyone know of any tutorials on how to do the pictures on the sides of the diorama base? I imagine that they are just printed with a very high quality printer, are they just glued on and then laminated somehow?

What I love about a build like this. is that every time you look at it… You see some thing different.

If it’s that cold I wouldn’t have my bare hand on that cold steel! Wayne

See the stove pipe sticking out of the top corner? :wink: