Blowing Snow Suggestions

I am planning to incorporate my recently completed BV206 (1/72 scale) in an Arctic terrain vignette.
To give the impression of the vehicle moving at speed, I need to add snow being thrown up from the
rear of the tracks, and downwards from the front sections (as illustrated in the attached images).
My initial thought is to use teased-out cotton wool, but I guess a better option would be polyester fibre
(often used to fill pillows and cushions).
It would interesting to hear whether anyone has tried either material for this effect, or whether there are
other suggestions.


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I used cotton wool (for better or worse!) on this M1 (also 1/72 scale):

But this is to represent thrown-up dust. The same could be used for the thrown-up snow cloud. But maybe polyester fiber stiffened with glue, or acrylic paste for snow falling over the track fronts, with fake “snow” bits sprinkled on.
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Wow!!! That is very effective, and really captures the idea of movement.
By no means a criticism, more an observation … the lower portion of the
dust cloud could have a touch of the terrain colour to link the two together.
Otherwise, spot on.
Time to experiment with my ‘snow cascade’ effect. I am inclined towards
your idea of the polyester fibre and glue.