Blu tack help needed

Apparently blu tack and mineral spirits do not get on. At least that is my working hypothesis. I use blu tack to attach wheels to tongue depressors for priming, painting, and weathering. All I can imagine is that some mineral spirits were still wet when I flipped the wheels over to get ready to do the other side. (Part of me thinks this is really unlikely because I can’t imagine not letting them fully dry, but I digress). Anyway, when I pulled them off, a subset of them had something more akin to chewed gum attached to them than blu tack. I managed to clean all but two of them with a clean ball of blu tack but some of the mess still remains. Anyone have a similar experience and know the easy way to finish getting the gum off?

never have this problem,usually i use blue tack to clean blue tack but if is very soft try to put the parts in the fridge or freezer like you do to clean chewing gum from clothes