Blue foam sources

I read about people using “Blue Foam” for making buildings, bridges, etc. What is it and where do you find it?

Building supplies.
Used for insulation, it is solid enough to be used as insulation under buildings.
From bottom to top: ground - gravel - insulation concrete with rebar - moisture insulation - floor


You could try sneaking around construction sites and ask for their scrap pieces …
Sometimes strong winds and sloppy construction teams “conspire” to spread the
scrap pieces all over the landscape …

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I think there is more to it than this, but what Robin talks about is what is easy to find in the US (if you are in the US). Home Depot sells pink foam insulation board and Lowe’s has their own (I think) green foam insulation boards. Lowe’s used to sell the Dow branded blue stuff but doesn’t seem to anymore. Machine and electrical supplies sell a grey extruded polystyrene in really thin sheets that I intend to try but haven’t.

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I presume you mean blue architectural model foam - This is an example from an Australian manufacturer and the blurb specifically mentions it use in architectural modelling.:

I would expect you could probably find local sources if you Google “blue architectural model foam”

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Thanks for all your help!! I’ll check out the hardware stores.


Needs to be the high density type. Comes in many colours.


As Robin said, if you have access to a construction site, there’s always useful “trash” to be scored. If you hang around Home Depot or Lowes you can keep your eyes out for damaged pieces of foam insulation, which most times they’ll just let you have. I got a 4’ x 8’ piece of 2" insulation for a song because it had one corner knocked out of it.


Thanks for all the tips! I found some at Lowes.

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