Blue Force Tracker on M1A2 and M1A1 SA?

i got a question i hope some one can help not even sure if that is what its called well anyway
with my upcoming future Abrams builds Iraq,Saudi Arabia and Kuwait
there is that little box on the side of the of the gunners primary sight housing and id like to know where i can get about 4 of them

The antenna is included in the Dragon M1A2 Sep V2 kit as part A11 and A37 but it is mounted at the rear right corner of the turret, so the mount for putting it next to the gunner’s sight is not available.

Edit: Part R2 and R3 in the Dragon AIM kit.


I know its in the Dragon kit but i dont want to use dragons kits for my Abrams builds are there resin optons avail?\

I don’t know of any resin AM sets for them. This would be an excellent project for one of our 3D gurus here at Armorama though.

@James_Lee or @MikeyBugs

Sure I can work this. Just to clarify, this is what you need?

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Blue Force Tracker antenna circled in red.

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Something like this?

Seems like that’s the basic shape at least.

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How about this? I think I got it nicely.


perfect just what I need did you see the additional pics i provided?
i think its some sort of slave connector its the tan piece in the pic

Yep I did see. I’ll take a look online to see what I can find but that’s my assumption too.

Ill need 4 of those as well