Blue Max Mustang

I built this car for the Strip, Track & Trail build. I only got to post one finished photo before the old site went inactive. Here are the rest of them.

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Hi Bill.

Great to see your Blue Max on the new forum. The old site is still active, but the changeover is throwing some confusion into the ranks. It will take some time to sort out.

Great photos, I will add them to the photo feature on the old site and hopefully I can raise one here as well.

Cheers, D

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Looks great Bill, love the color and the decalling came out real nice.


I’m thrilled that you posted more pictures of your Blue Max. The finished build is certainly a winner for sure.

As D said, there’s starting to be some confusion and issues as to where to post new builds, and even posts in current builds on the old site. My personal preference is to post new builds here, and even copy and paste current builds from the old site as well. You can cross post, or just post that you’ve moved the build to the new site.


I really like your work. I saw the Blue Max race when I was growing up.
I have Ohio George’s 33 Willis gasser in the stash and I hope I can come near what you have done.

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