BMD-2 Chechnya war

My latest diorama has the title “Прощай товарищ!” (Farewell Comrade!)


Superb work on this, nicely composed and thought out plus there is plenty to see. Its very reminiscent of the various pictures of troops during the winter months in Chechnya where mud is basically everywhere! I like the mix of camo uniforms too. What make of kit was the BMD?

The BMD model is from Panda. Nightmare of a kit, but I think finnally it did turn out good. Thank you.

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A very moving project. My Father, a WWII Vet always said “Never forget ‘the other guy’ was still a Son, Brother, Father or Friend. It all boils down on who is the luckiest at that instant.” Very well done!

Thank you Duane.

Excellent job. The vehicle, figures and whole scene look great.

Incredible work all around . It is a visually impactful story and very moving

Thank you Richard and Chris!