BMP-2 IFV with accessories

For sale is the following kit in 1/35 scale figures are included as well.Asking for $65 shipping included…US ONLY.Paypal for payment

Any question please ask.

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Ohh man, that is very tempting but I have an Abrams on the way and just got 2 kits for Christmas (one the wife doesn’t know about).

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lol i hear you

Hi Ed,
I am interested in the kit and the AM parts only - not the figures. Can that be arranged? Does BMP-2 use the same or similar track with BMD-2 by chance?
Shoot, you’re taking all the money I made from selling 3D prints! :smiley:

Kind regards,

tracks are different i do believe,I can do that if your not interested in the figures.I can do $45

I will buy the figures.

Awesome,I can do $20 shipping is included.let me know

Figures SOLD!

Thanks for saving me guys, otherwise I would’ve ended up with it all.

Sean, the kit is still available I think. :wink:
I realized that I already have it in my stash so I passed it. :slight_smile:

Yes the kit is still available with the accessories,Figures are all sold

Message sent

only the kit is available,Figures are already sold.Let me know if still interested

I am yes, the kit and the AM.

No worries about the AM tracks. This will include then the BMP-2 with MC tracks, Voyager PE, decals, and miniarm cupola

Payment send and address is in the comments.


ill be shipping it out on friday by USPS

BTW, this is not a private message chat but the actual forum post. You may want to delete some of these messages.

Kit arrived today and is awesome. Thank you

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