BMP-3 rear panel issues

i just wondered if anyone here had built trumpeters BMP-3 as i am having some issues lining up the rear panel with the hull section. i might have to cut the internal rear support in order for the internal decking to line up with the rear panel.

has anyone else had this issue or is it just user error on my part?

I have NOT cut out those braces yet. Everything lines up nicely. You can see a bit of a gap in the upper corners, but slight pressure with my fingers joins them up quite nicely.

I had the exact same issue building the UAE version of this kit.
In my case I had major issues with the firewall just inside the back of the crew compartment (I thought it was completely symmetrical but turned out not to be so).
I also had issues with the floor plate of the rear exit area.
It required a good bit of filling but worked our decent in the end after a bit of chopping of the above 2 parts.
And since 18bravo is having no issues it may be down to error (it definitely was on my part :))

Besides that the rest of the build was very enjoyable and its a very nice kit overall.

i trimmed the support pillar for the rear deck flooring area and that seemed to do the trick for me but it will need some putty at the back end but not much.