BMPT 2 Terminator

Trumpeter kits are very busy…

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So how is the Ramka version and the Russian in service version different?

thats the one i have as well

Although the Trumpeter kit gives you the option of building a 2016 version and a 2017 version of the turrets (with 2017 being closest) the hull does not change.
Current in service version.


Drawing lines on an iPad is not easy, the Ramka has a distinct kink in the side armour whereas the service version is Straight, there are less bolts on the upper set of ERA and the handles and attaching bolts on the lower are missing, also the stowage bins are larger and two added to the rear flanks.

The front of the turret also has a different layout with added bins

What a can of worms.

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That’s an understatement… I was thinking of getting one as they look mean… But maybe not now …

@TopSmith @Johnnych01
but …
on the other hand …
since they do change so much,
who is to tell correct from incorrect?


True enough… Just build it OOB for a fun build


That’s my plan

As i was building mine i had a crazy idea of a American equivalent

I built the Meng version. It was a very nice kit, but there were several parts molded in soft vinyl that I would have preferred in styrene.


just to throw my hat in the ring, here’s my Zvezda BMPT 2. I removed the extra molded on bolts on the side armour.


I have the same kit but painted mine in modern Russisn green

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I should send you one to paint. Very well done.