BMPT 2 Terminator

Tiger Models and Trumpeter make the BMPT 2. Tiger Models looks like a later version.
Opinions on these two kits? I have not built a Tiger Model kit so I have no experience with their fit.

Haven;t built neither, but I will be adding this one to my to-do list, I’m steering towards the TIger Models version, but that’s my personal inclination.

It will be interesting to see the differences and similarities between both kits.

Meng and Zvezda also do Terminator variants. If I recall correctly from a FB post you need to combine kits in order to get the Russian in service version, one Trumpeter kit gives you the version used by Kazakhstan and so on.

I have the Meng and the Zvezda kits if you want photos or specific details.

Wasn’t the Meng kit built off the early production prototype?

The early BMPT had a different hull setup than that on the BMPT-72 “Terminator 2”.

I think so yes

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Current production BMPT-72 “Terminator II”, You can see the single driver’s hatch on the lower hull and the angled side-by-side launchers for the 9M120 “Ataka” ATGMs.


Versus the early production prototype of the BMPT “Terminator”, with the dual hull hatches on both sides of the driver’s hatch and vertically mounted and unshielded launchers.

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Some info from FB

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and here is the link with a bunch of STL files for 3D printing details, stowage boxes etc.

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this is my kit of the BMPT this is the later release from Zevzda


Here’s both of them, straight out of the box. One’s a Tiger and one’s a Meng. Can’t remember which is which……


I’ll take a swing at it. Meng on the left; Tiger on the right.


Fun fact, no single kit will build into a current BMPT, the closest you can get is by cross kitting the Tiger models Turret with one of the others hulls and then some. The BMPT 2 is an export version, and can use existing T 72 hulls. Algeria were meant to be getting them but ended up with the original BMPT instead and converting T 62 hulls with BMP 2 Berezhok turrets instead.

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So… the BMPT2 Terminator 2 is currently an export vehicle and the Russians use the Trumpeter kit 09565 ?

That’s the closest but still not correct, you seem to get most of the parts in the kit as it seems to contain 3 different turrets and two sets of side armour but you would have to use the 2017 option but even then use the F sprue turret and the J sprue side armour (after removing all the bolts and detail) the kit seems to combine all 3 versions in one box, the Kazakhstan, Ramka, and BMPT 2 in one box and you need bits from all 3

Kazakhstan version.


In service Russian.

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That reads like a right dog’s dinner.

It is almost as if the kit manufacturer wanted to test the patience of their clients.

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I suppose if you built the kit as per instructions, you’d end up with a ton of spare parts, or waste plastic depending on how you look at it. From a manufacturing point of view, it makes sense to include sprues from die already cut, than making a new die and the cost that goes with it

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Hey, My Zvezda Terminator 2


I get that - recently built an Eduard Profipack Bf110 that was effectively a kit and a half in terms of sprue loading.

I think my point is, is that if you can make up a representative (current) BMPT from the parts available in the box, then they shouldn’t be relying on the knowlege of a patron like you to enable someone else to build one.

I get what you are saying, but although most of the parts are in there, you still need to heavily modify the side armour. That said I’m just going by the sprue shots and Lay-out and have not looked that deeply into it, there maybe other small changes that I haven’t noticed or looked in to. I only model in small scale which means I only have the Zvezda kit to work with, although I can get most of the side armour from the T 90MS kit there is still a lot to scratch, but now I’ve seen that you get most of the parts in the trumpeter kit I may get it to down size, beats working from photos.


For version used in Syria, Trumpeter is the way to go plus additional armour on the side.