BMW R75 with sidecar

Hello all,
I would like to share something a bit different than usual plastic kits.
I have recently discovered a german brand who makes some awesome large scale wood models, called “Creative Wood Works Hannover”.

One of their products is this motorcycle with sidecar.

Here the completed model:


I love those kits. I have the chopper kit that I modified to look like my own chopper.
Does yours have the rubber band that makes the pistons move within the engine?

No, they are static models, but the wheels are movable.

Normally I don’t post my builds in other people’s threads, but this is a little different.
Here’s the Chopper kit:

What I need is a seat like yours has so I can finish making it look like my 1:1 chopper.

I don’t know which I prefer - the leather seat I tooled myself, or the plain metal seat.

But I like yours as well and will have to get it. Then it can go with my 1:1 sidecar bike, which you can barely see underneath the boxes of motorcycle parts and other stuff…

And in case anyone wonders, yes, that’s a lot of bikes in one garage. Wife won’t let me purchase number 13 until I build a shed. Optimum number of bikes one should own is N+1, where N= the number you currently own. I guess for some folk Tiger kits are the same way…

Waouh ! Great machines.

Nice updates on the Ugears model. Indeed a seat would be a nice addition. I would go for leather for the rustic feel.

it had one, just not the style I wanted. I still need to add exhaust pipes as shown in photo. I can use leftover wooden “sprue” material.

What an unusual kit. I’ve seen wooden kits before, but nothing like your bike.


Those are so cool, never seen them before.

Thank you. I was impressed about the size of the models. And the price is very reasonable for the quality and the engineering.
While press models in plastic and metal in similar scale, (for example Altaya) are sold with an outrageous price.

They are very big; 60cm, in length, for most of the cars.
I agree, very reasonable prices, but I still need to make space for 60cm, of wooden model :smiley:

This is frickin’ COOL!!! Awesome work!!! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Thank you !