Boatyard diorama query

I have recently acquired a 1/76-scale kit of a 1950s 26’ Curlew Motor Cabin Cruiser (a multi-media kit from Langley Models).
Rather than set this on water, I plan to incorporate it in a boatyard scene, undergoing de-fouling and maintenance. Can anyone suggest how the wooden support would be arranged to ensure stability of the boat?



Out of my depth but maybe try for pictures.

Knutson Boat Yard

images (19)

I think a derelict model could be fun to paint and weather too.

Or S.S. Minnow aka Gilligan’s Island
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The proper way uses metal jack stands made for boats and wooden blocks, or the older method of wooden cribbing, which may be more appropriate for an older scene.

Then there is the less recommended throw a few cinder block under it method.

Many thanks for the helpful responses. Plenty
of useful reference images there, perfect for my
planned scene. The Knutson Boat Yard photos
are particularly interesting.