Boba Fett - 1/12 Bandai

Hi folks.

Had a go at Bandai’s 1/12 Boba Fett recently - I guess the ‘action figure’ thing isn’t my preference I discovered, all things considered but it’s a neat kit nonetheless.

Now a desk guardian of my youngest boy’s laptop.

The supplied base was gently adapted to provide a small patch of Tatooine for Boba to perch on.




He looks Bad-Ass,nice job

Definitely like the look of that. Looks terrific… And really nice painting and weathering on him :+1:

Wow- that is a top class rendition of this fig! Such subtle blending on the uniform and cape- and then the metal accoutrements with the chipping and wear and tear really bring the whole thing to life. The colors are nice and vibrant too- what brand did you use? Also- how did you go about doing the chipping and wear on various parts?

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Welcome aboard Steve. You are making quite the splash with this outstanding Fett. :+1:

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Cheers for that T!

Hi Karl.

Thanks for that.
Paint was a mix of Tamiya and MRP. Chipping was a blend of AK chipping fluid over Alclad 2 Duralumin to mechanically scrub the green, with sponge chipping laid over the top afterwards.
The build was included in the June 2022 issue of Airfix Model World.




Thanks for that T!

Much appreciated Johnny!