Boeing B-17G early 'Inspiration' by Luiz Martini | AeroScale

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This is absolutely outstanding. Can you please let us know how you achieved the metal surface including the products used? Thank you very much.

Hi Deejay, I will find out the materials used and how he achieved the metal effect and will come back to you as soon as I have all the answers
All the best

Thank you very much!

Really nice B-17! My guess on the metal finishes is aclad lacquers and likely the aluminum color. In my research for a P-51 I am building Alclad was the most recommended paint for Natural metal finishes

He used acrylic aluminum paint as a base, then very shiny varnish, polishing it after a while and then he used chrome paint to get the chrome effect.
Then he applied some darker metallic paint tones to make the differences between plates, achieving this natural effect of more reflective plates and others a little less.
I have requested the paint manufacturers and of course will add these as soon as possible
All the best for now
Keep on modelling