Bold Guard 1974

Rare footage of Bundeswehr LARC-V.


Er, this is not Bold Guard 74 (an exercise I was on), but clearly a Reforger Exercise - 87.

That was a nice blast from the past … I was on Ref87 … up on the northern flank

Bloody hell John, get some time in; pffft! 87?!

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Sorry … I keep forgetting Centurion was still a rank when you were in :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :+1:


Harsh; very harsh - but oh so true! (And Scimitar was one’s personal weapon - not a CVR(T))

When I joined we didn’t have personal numbers - we all knew one another!


Mistake corrected, sorry guys1

Do you have a Bold Guard one?

More superb footage. I loved seeing the guy walking to the edge of the half lowered ramp, using a pole gauge (my description) at around 1:10 into the video, to test the depth before a Marder, closely followed by a Leopard, take the plunge!

Also, I note that Youtube channel (GUNcity 2309) has a good few similar videos from different years.

These are great sources of atmospheric reference, and some very useful shots showing uniforms, equipment and general “stuff”.

Thanks for sharing!

Aha Terry, the second vehicle out after the Marder is, in fact, an M48. Just to be my usual pedantic self.

Also of note is the use of the Italian 105mm Pack Howitzer still in use back then by 7 Para RHA around the 3.58 mark, not yet having received the new 105mm Light Gun.

A bit earlier there appears to be some early prototype Leo 2s as well (2.07).

There was a tragedy on this exercise as around half a dozen Brit TA Paras drowned after a night jump, in the Kiel Canal.

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Totally concur with the M48 Brian. Strangely, when I first saw it come into the frame I did think M48 and then for some reason mistook the main barrel end for a standard 105mm gun, and assumed Leopard (even though some German M48’s were similarly equipped), then when I looked again after your prompt, the barrel end was so obviously that of an M48s 90mm gun. The commander’s cupola is also a giveaway … oops!

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