Bolted armour texture questions

Hello all,
Forgive my ignorance on this question but I have a question about armour texture. I understand that cast armour in poured into a “mold” and rolled armour is cut and welded together to form the armour. My question is early armour, WW1, early WWII bolted armour, was it rolled and has texture?

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Do an image search of WW1 tanks in museums. Granted they’ve been restored but it looks like they were pretty smooth. Certainly too smooth to add texture in 1/72 scale. Even the rounded turret on this FT17 looks pretty smooth.

Renault NC 27 on display in the Swedish Armour/Vehicle museum

The rolled armour is smooth in 1:1 scale, in 1:72 it should be smoother
than any matt/flat paint you can lay down with an airbrush (forget hairy brush)
The cast armour on the turret is also fairly smooth on most of the surface.
The “spotty” area could possibly be rust marks from later neglect

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