Bomb pallets in Vietnam

A friend of mine is making a small vignette with a figure sitting next to a bomb from the Vietnam war, does anyone know what kind of pallets bombs would have been delivered or stored on ?

Did he say which type of bomb? Pretty broad subject.

The cart would be very easy to replicate.

Here’s a pic of his idea.

I figure some sort of dolly or pallet was used but I can’t find any pics. I never saw any bombs sitting around when I was in the Air Force or Army for that matter and obviously not in Vietnam.


That’s a great pic Robert. I’ll send it to him to give him an idea. Thanks

I like the one bomb idea better than this:

These bombs were bound for Vietnam but were actually stored in Guam.

Yeah I think the figure is from Bravo -6 and is titled “Dear John”.

That many bombs would be great for a diorama lol

Some time ago I wrote about shipping bombs with a Vietnam Veteran from the USAF and he pointed me to a youtube movie with that picture:
As you can see the bombs here are packed in six-packs in aluminium racks and this is the way thy were shipped. Only directly before hanging them on an aircraft they were assembled with the tail assemblies (shipped separately) and carried to the aircraft, like on that lowboy trailer.
So a bomb with a tail assembly in place would indicate some kind of flight line scenario.
Hope it helps, have a nice day

Thank you Pawel for your reply and the pics. I kinda figured they were transported that way just wasn’t sure. I’m not an aircraft guy and never do models with bombs except once when I did a plane for a club display of an aircraft carrier at a museum here on Long Island .