Book Review: CH-47 Chinook. Boeing' Tandem-Rotor Heavy Lifter | AeroScale

David Doyle and Schiffer Books combine to highlight the twin-rotor CH-47 Chinook.

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I do not know much about chinookson helicopters like this. But they’re pretty amazing how the rotors can almost without hitting. Fascinating aircraft. It has certainly earned its keep over the decades. As usual, this D.D. book looks like an excellent source for general history and specialized detail.

I’ve flown aboard Chinooks once or twice in my military career; damn thing is fast AF for a helicopter that large. They’re called either the “Hooker” (because of its cargo lifting capacity; or “Sh*thook” (for whatever reason i don’t know), or “The Greyhound Bus”, (because you can pack a lot of stuff inside and still fly fast).

It has served for so long, with so many militaries around the world. the US, UK, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Germany… etc…

The most fdamous Chinook, at least in my mind, is “Bravo November” a British CH-47 that survived the sinking of the MV Atlantic Conveyor during the Falklands War and has flown all the way to the war in Afghanistan, where it was involved in an incident, where the helicopter was struck by gunfire and despite it all, it landed safely in Bagram (Camp Bastion for our chaps from across the pond).

“Bravo November” in service in Afghanistan.

“Bravo November” now retired on display at RAF Museum Cosford.

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