Book Review: USMC Tracked Amphibious Vehicles (T46E1/M76 Otter, M116 Husky, LVTP5 & LVTP7/AAV7A1 | Armorama™

Bill Cross reviews David Doyle and Schiffer Publications' new volume about USMC Tracked Amphibious Vehicles.

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This reminds me that i have to add an AAVP-7A! RAMS/RS kit to my build stash.

Currently working an a vintage Tamiya LVTP-7; stuck in the painting part.


It’ll be a new ballgame for the Marines, now that they have put the old Amtraks to pasture, replacing them with the new BAE Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV).

They’re already testing a new variant, armed with a 30mm cannon, similar to the Army’s M1296 Dragoon.


This is on the list of books to get. :+1:

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Now you just have to wait for the model companies to catch up.


I’m getting this for my library. I was a crewman and eventually a crew chief for the AAVP7A1 from 87 to 92, I absolutely loved being an 1833. I have 3 different versions of this on my desk starting from the M85 turret to the UGWS with bow plane and bolt on armor package. YAT-YAS!!!