Book Review

I’ve written a review of one of my recent purchases, but can’t work out how to submit it. I’ve written it as a Word document, with embedded images, thinking I would just be able to upload it like a photograph, but having signed in with Facebook, there doesn’t seem any way of loading it. When I select “Create” in Reviews, it doesn’t allow me to upload, it asks for full URL. Can you please advise?

I wish it was that easy, but Word is a fairly complex application and parsing that would be a miracle of web technology. That and the next major update to Word would cause it all to fail of course. :slight_smile:

You would need to add the images and the text as separate entries on the creation page. I go through some of that process here:

This one is for news, but the process would be very similar for adding a review.

Thanks Jim. I managed to get the text in, but for some reason it won’t upload the photos. They were downloaded from my phone, via Google and have worked perfectly on the forum so far. They are jpegs. Are they too big, do I need to resize them? Had to delete it all as it wouldn’t save without a preview image top right, but it wouldn’t load there either. It’s getting late now, will try again tomorrow.

I think the forum allows up to 4mb file size but the content site software is set to 3mb. Both pretty large but yeah raw high-res photos probably need to be scaled down a bit. The content sites don’t do enlargements when you click on them so overly large images don’t really do a lot unless it’s upscaling on a 4k screen I have noted.

Jim, thanks for the advice. I’ve made it and it’s up awaiting approval. I managed to rescale the photos using Paint down to 20% of their original size without losing too much clarity (I apologise for the pictures, they were taken with the phone and I am no photographer for sure!).