Books for auto modelling

Hello everyone! As the title says, I’m looking for some books to help me get stared building cars.
What would be some books that would be recommended?
What books would you be good for detailing the models?
Also, any good books on the dodge charger daytona??

I honestly don’t know of any books specifically around car modeling, but there are monthly magazines that have plenty of tutorial content.

These days you will find everything you need on the web, such as YouTube, dedicated Facebook Groups, and of course you can’t go past AutoModeler!

For specific 1:1 cars themselves, once again a Google search should bring up plenty of reference materials, and possibly links to available books.

Cheers, D

“Scale Model Cars” by Bill Coulter
“The Modeler’s Guide To Scale Automotive Finishes” by Pat Covert
“How To Build Better Scale Model Vehicles” by Mark S. Gustavson & Robert A. Wick

The first 2 books are from Kalmbach Publishing. The third from Champion Publishing.

If you are interested in 1/43 scale cars models, I recommend “The World Of 43RD” by John Simmons of Marsh Models.

As far as the Daytona goes, there is “Supercars - The Story of the Dodge Charger Daytona and Plymouth SuperBird” by Frank Moriarty.

I don’t know what the present availability of any of them is. You may need to check Amazon & eBay.


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Thanks! Really good info there. I’m not really interested in 1/43. I wanted to get some books, because I’m a noob when it comes to cars!

Ak-interactive have made a couple of books, that might be helpful.

“Ratz, rodz and rust” Written by Dr. Cranky (Virgil Suarez)

“FAQ, Civilian vehicles scale modeling”

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