Books Section?

I was wondering if there is a books section on this site and if i have missed it some how?

a place that people can talk about what they are reading at the moment (regardless of form, electronic, audio or good ole paper books)

some where that people can recommend or seek advice on suggested reading?

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Excellent subject suggestion. I’d visit often. I read 3-4 books in a year.


I know we have people reviewing books but i think a recommendation and discussion area would be a good idea as well.

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1 book section for the Site or 1 book section for each Forum?

Is your Books Section only for modeling and model related reference materials or including fiction, nonfiction, science fiction, memoirs, biography, auto biography, and history?

i think one section on the site which could be subdivided similar to armorama e.g. personal accounts, reference material, fiction and non fiction, that sort of thing.

what do you think?


Good idea!

Interesting idea David.

As someone who reads approx a book a week I’d be interested although I now also have audio books / podcasts which I can listen too while at the bench.

Could add a podcast section as well.

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Yes indeed, a good idea and a forum I’d frequent often

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I like your idea Klaus. Definitely a forum I would frequent.

Thank you,
Randy. :slight_smile:

good to see there is some interest in my idea and i like the idea of a modern media section, to cover audio books and podcasts as well.

hopefully this thread developes and Staff_Jim might take it up and run with it.

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