Boots on the ground - old and new

Vigilant Guardian, deployment of Belgian forces on ore own territory, for the first time sins WWII
As response on the terrorist treat and the attacks in Paris 2015, Belgian soldiers guarding vulnerable and strategic points in the main city’s of Belgium. After the attack on Brussels Airport and the City Metro in Brussel 2016 the contingent was upgraded until 2500 soldiers in the streets. Vigilant Guardian is ongoing, the contingent is downsized to 400 soldiers supporting Police and security people.

During the first period for 26 march 2016, I have build one figure for the guy’s form a infantry battalion doing duty on Christmas.

Between the start and handover where only three weeks, also regarding the photo’s know I will build another one for my collection.

Version one
The base is made from polymare clay backend in an ordinary oven.
The small parts are made form greenstuff and apoxy clay

Building the FNC, the standard weapon at that time for the Bn

Some dry fit and try out at the start.

decided to make the figure longer and give him some arms.
Working out the gear a little bit more

because of the small time window, started painting and searching for the right colours.

I Have no photo’s of the final figure, just these almost ready.
Build in December 2015 a tribute to the man and woman serving on Christmas in Brussels

It was some kind of speed building/painting with the skills I had at that time.
Now retired and with some distance I will create a new one, remembering nothing is sure and security is something you have to pay for.

to be continued, building a new man/woman (boots on the ground)


In the back the beret headband should go under the folded over flap. not stop short.

Next attempt, base is Supersculp, the head Life Miniatures (bit box), the white stuff some rest of Apoxyscultp, the bearvest Apoxysculpt Green.

Still a lot of work to do, but I am started.

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