Border 1/35 Fw-190 | Armorama™

Border has shared the test shots of their new Fw-190 in 1/35 scale

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Pockmarks galore! (OK I’m being sarcastic, must I admit I love to do it …)
FW-190 in some museum:

Very roughly the same area with all the rivets clearly represented:
Some rivets are clearly visible, others are hidden.

Covering something is a LOT easier that having to manually add something which is missing.
Borders have spent a lot of work on marking all those rivets and they do add to the visual interest
so kudos for that.
Modellers choice to leave the rivets visible or hide most of them as on the real plane.
Lots and lots of surface irregularities are not good for aerodynamics → rivets get puttied over to increase speed and reduce fuel consumption


Definitely voted “The Feels” on this one because I can’t tell if it’s a A model (no thanks) or Langnasen Dora (buy) despite the small pox noted above.

I don’t know if it’s an A or D,but when I see all the great models today,I wish,I could be more fast.This will not happen,so I have to get very old,to have enough time

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With some luck maybe the Langnase will turn up later …
There’s always the hope …

One give-away is the engine
The Langnase (or D , Dora) had an V-12 engine instead of the radials of the previous versions.

The sprue images clearly show radials …

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Not being a wings & things enthusiast, didn’t think of that. Thank you! That ensures ~$100 can be spent on something else like more Panzer IV kits…wink

Everytime I see new models,I’m really enthused.I had some years without modelling and when I opened the first box after the break,a Me 109E in 1/32 from eduard,I could’nt believe what I’ve seen.All the details,pe-parts,some of them coloured for fhe cockpit,really great.I have the stuka from border models,it’s a great model and eduard produced some pe-sets,so it’s nearly perfect,in my opinion

Me neither.
I just got curious and had to look it up because you commented on your preference
for the Dora version. I prefer that version too.


That’s right,some models are really expensive,I build 2 or 3 in a year,in big scales(planes 1/32 or tanks 1/16),so it’s okay to me.That’s the other side of the medal:really good models,really big prices


Me? I approve. I have not had a large scale FW 190 in decades and I am a fan of having models all the same scale - like the ‘true scale’ of 1/48. :wink: If I decide to build another LSP (Large Scale Plane) FW 190, I will buy this 1/35 model so it will fit in with my armor. Why they festooned it with prominent sunk rivets baffles me - it takes a lot away from the model. But they may be going from the trend in 1:32/1:48 and other new aircraft models. I would like to know if they conducted market search.

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I am getting to the point 1/48th is getting smallish to work on.

Larger scale just means that more teeny-tiny fiddly details can be added …