Border: Befehlspanzer III Ausf. K w/Schurzen | Armorama™

New Panzerbefehlswagen III Ausf. K with Schurzen from Border

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Now that I am almost finished with the Dragon version released 16 years ago, of course Border releases a new tooling.

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First impression…pretty box art :art:

I acknowledge a lot of folks don’t care about any of the following, however it’s of interest to some.

  1. Given how poorly Border does research, I’d like to see a WW2 era picture of a Pz III ausf K w/skirts. I’m not up on the K version.

  2. Given Border’s dimensional errors in their Stug III kits, is the Pz III hull & suspension accurate or does it keep the Border Stug III tradition of errors alive.

Seems the two extremes are:

Worst case, we have a new paper panzer that’s the double first cousin uncle daddy to the Takom Pz III’s.

Best case, there’s a new accurate Pz III ausf K to add to the stash.

Time will tell.

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Lots of pics of them over at ML


Word over on ML is that it’s inaccurate and poorly engineered.

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They have found a couple of pics of K’s with schürzen though.

My Dragon Ausf K is from the Cyber Hobby 9118 kit, and it is also incorrect but not in quite the same way; It only has the screw heads for the viewports on the left side – there are none on the right.

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As mentioned in the ML thread, this model’s turret roof has molded-in screw heads that should not be there. Border carried over their Panzer IV screw pattern, but the internal equipment of this tank was very different.