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Border announces a new German Flak 36 mounted on SSys flatcar

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I want! This looks really cool and different. Wonder what the price will be…

I have Borders Flak 36, which I look forward to building.

Disclaimer - I have done no research into this, so an observation only but…….

Do you think the german engineers might have mounted the flak with a bit more thought than just sledge hammering some steel pegs through the wagons deck?!??!??!

Surely not?


Border has developed a well deserved reputation for lack of research.




I found a smaller scale model made by someone and his/their solution was two big bolts, one each side of the outrigger arm, near the end, joined by s short section C-profile, open side up, and two large nuts.

I wonder how the loaders managed to work when they were firing to the side …
Is the SSys heavy enough to prevent rocking when the gun fires? (Spoiler alert: No)


Great. Purchased my first model from Border about two weeks ago. Currently in the mail. Now you tell me. :flushed:

I know nothing about German trains, German 88mm flak guns, or German 88mm flak guns mounted on trains.

Are the transportation portions of the flak gun stored on another car? What if the flak gun needs to be moved in a hurry? Is there a prime mover on the train for each flak gun?

How come the train car does not have outriggers to stabilize the platform, especially for when the flak gun is rotated and fired to the side?

Would a crew actually fire a flak gun of this type while a train is moving? Stopping a train just to fire an anti-aircraft flak gun seems like an incredibly bad idea.

How were train mounted 88mm flak guns actually used?

Guess I better look for another book. Did not know the Germans put 88mm flak guns on trains and catamaran barge thingamathings. :flushed:


Good Day
Pictures show metal straps bolted to the area of the missing outriggers and on one picture also near end of stationary arm.

First try hope the pic comes through


Good find! Thanks for those pictures, i’m sure they will prove very helpful to many!


SFAIK, the FLAK guns were an expedient mounting on trains, with ammunition, accomodation, etc., & their operational use was as a complete FLAK unit moved to areas of high bombing/high value targets.

The train could be moved as operations dictated, but the guns weren’t demounted.