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New Jagdpanzer IV L70/A from Border Model, two versions in the box

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Finally a new kit of my favourite Jagdpanzer. Only downside is no interiour.

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Very much into this but Border PzIVs are an easy sell to me. I have about all of them I think. This is one of the easiest of the east sells - the Dragon one wasnt especially attractive and is expensive, so its good to see it. I imagine we’ll have a Hummel and a Hornisse/Nashorn from them at some point too.

A really nice, finely detailed Wirbelwind, Ostwind etc would be good too. The Academy and Tamiya ones are lovely but a bit dated now. The Border Mobelwagen was one of my favourite builds of this year. Lovely stuff.

To be fair the Dragon offering was and is still very nice but I will certainly get a couple of these and I too hope Border will visit some other PZIV chassis vehicles as well.

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A Wirbelwind, StuG IV, Hummel, Ostwind, Hornisse/Nashorn and an early B/C look pretty much nailed on I’d say. Its a great mould, they do an excellent Pz IV representation I think.