Border Model 1/35 Leopard 2A7V stowage boxes

Hey everyone, new to the forums and had a question about the new 1/35 Border Model 2A7V kit. The instructions are up on Scalemates and I was comparing it to the Tankograd book on the Leopard 2A7V.


Had a question about the stowage on top of the turret behind the loaders hatch in step 23. Specifically the triangular railed basket, and the two compartment stowage box behind the basket. Is this new, because I don’t see it in the Tankograd book? What I’m used to is two green tarp covered racks for a MP7A1 and a G36K in front of and to the side of the loaders hatch. Did the new stowage boxes replace the tarp covered personal weapon racks? The flexible tarps never seemed like a good idea to me for protecting weapons from the elements, especially since I believe the large stowage box in front of the commanders hatch stored other crew weapons with better protection from the elements. TIA for any responses.

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Here you go … from TANKOGRAD, their fotos are for discussion only.


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Thanks for the reply, but those are the pictures that I have. The box on the right is the one in front of the commanders hatch, and is in the kit. The two green tarp racks around the loaders hatch aren’t in the kit. Instead there is a box and basket on top of the ammo stowage blowout panel behind the loaders hatch which isn’t shown in any picture in the Tankograd book. Given how accurate the rest of the kit is with regards to 2A7V details, I have to wonder if this is a recent addition, and not just something Border made up.

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The problem at the moment are all the different “Rüststände” of the Leo2s in German service.
Here is a Leo 2A6MA3 from this summer … but I do believe the “Bags” are still installed since they house the 2 of the 4 crews G36s for the commander and loader. The boxed G36 are more the drivers and gunners weapons.


Thanks for the photos. I’m guessing the new box is another stowage mod, like the triangular basket. Knowing that the basket exists makes me think the box exists too. Border must have used a 2A7V with this particular setup for reference.

The kit also looks to have the perforated plate behind the PERI sight that the tarp sits on, as well as the commander’s portable display for IFIS. Really looking forward to getting this kit


This PMS Upgrade Kit has everything the lastest version of the 2A7V would also have:

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The box you marked up does not seem to be a German thing … I’m told. It would be placed over the RWS position /circular cover plate. Maybe an export feature … Hungary, Slovakia, Norway or Denmark ?

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I found this video.–Ka

From the video:

Those definitely appear to be the boxes shown in the Border kit instructions. The triangular basket, the wide shorter box with the distinctive opening handle, and the taller, narrower box next to it. It’s clearly on the turret roof because it’s in front of the antenna. Definitely a German Leo also.

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Well there you go then …

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It is German, the Leopard 2a6ma3’s of pzbtl 414 has them, but without the foam for holding the g36, they are currently used as extra stowage space.