BORDER MODEL announcement 1:35 Type VII-C Uboat

Hi all,
Well for those of you who have the space and probably a fat wallet and of course love
German WW2 Uboats:
Think of all the diorama opportunities!

Have a great day and happy modeling!


This year is going to be awfully expensive.

Trying to get to sleep about a month ago and thought this exact kit would be brilliant. I then asked Tacoma via Facebook if they planned to do it.

Now Border are making it, crazy world, but very happy.

Regards Jason

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It is not a full sized ship, just the conning tower and the gun emplacements fore and aft of it. Overall lenght will be 60 cm. That’s manageable, given how sleek submarines are. For comparision: Trumpeters announced Topol-M on launch truck is about the same size (and it has 16 rubber wheels that might have to be replaced by resin ones…)

Think about the diorama possibilities:

  • reloading torpedo into the hull quaiside (a torpedo will be provided in the kit)
  • crew manning the main gun
  • AA gun behind the tower in action
  • crew standing watch on tower while cutting rough seas
  • surfaced sub under aerial attack, bullets splashing water all around
  • leaving sinking sub in full panic
    …and much more. The sky is the limit!


  • dutik

At 60 cm and with upper deck fore and aft of the conning tower, it is more manageable
space wise for sure.
I have always wanted to do a tower with 1:35 figures…looks like this is going on
want list.

Some photos or renders on their FACEBOOK page.

Maybe they (Border) will eventually release, in stages, the rest of the U-Boat. :grin:
:grinning: :canada:

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Cowardly- let’s see the whole thing… LOL


Dust this one off:

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