Border Model doing the E8

Do we really need another M4A3E8 kit?


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Maybe, maybe not
it seems as if Border Model thinks that they need one in their product line-up
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Ah, but if you make the “best” one on the market, they will come.
You just need to actually make the best one.


If it sells well… then yes we did need it.

Ah,just built the Tamiya/Tasca version.But hey, as I always say,more is better.

as I see it, they are preaching to the choir, Seems like everybody has an M4a3 something coming out right now or else soon. They should do an M4a3 with the 105mm howitzer, or maybe the one with all the rocket tubes above the turret. How about an M12 GMC or the 8" version? Myself, I’d started with something like an all ew M18 Hellcat.

I hear ya on the M18 definitely. Doesn’t Dragon do an M4A3 105mm? I have a kit bash I shelved a few years ago that I should get going again…… an old Panzer Concepts hull, turret and metal barrel with various companies fit the running gear and interior.

I once owned the dragon kit, and didn’t look all that bad, but I’m also limited in knowledge when it comes to Shermans. Next time I find somebody with a couple M4a3 kits (Asuka); I’m going to grab them. Somebody (TMD?) sells the correct turret and parts to make one. The other will be for a “screamin meemie” build. That is if I can lay my hands on the Verlinden kit without taking out a second mortgage!

When Tamiya and AFV came out with M10’s, that cleared up a void for me. The M18 really needs to be revised and updated. Someone told me AFV did an M18, but honestly have never seen the kit! Maybe Spru Brothers has it. Why Tamiya did the M40 is kinda strange to me, when the M12 and a couple others were far more important