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Border has shown the boxart of a new Flak37 AA gun with 6 crew.

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New crew or are they also using the Dragon figure set?

Which Dragon set is that?

Kit # 6260

I BELIEVE that this is the Dragon crew, the loader who is lifting a round into the breach seem to be new in the RPG kit

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This crew has already been outsourced from Dragon at least once, to Bronco.

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Looks impressive! Wish Border would do an equally impressive super-detailed M53-M55 SPP howitzer!

Checking the box art it appears to be new designed figures
InkedGerman 88mm Gun FlaK37 W6 Anti-Aircraft Artillerymen (1) - Copy

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one. Brings back memories of a much younger version of myself, I built Tamiyas offering probably in about 1995? I see on the box art “Rubber Tyres Included” not so excited about that bit?

Having this, big time. I love Border kits. Their Tiger was a bit disappointing but the rest have been stellar.

How? 10 chars

The box art seems to depict someone loading a gun that is out of battery…that would be a no no.

Looks like this is available now, listed for sale on the Hobbyeasy website:

Although box art now indicates it’s a Flak36, not Flak37 as per previous?