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New Jagdpanzer IV L/48 from Border Model at 1/35

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Goood to see we re getting a kit other than Dragon, only issue I have is that this version of Jadgpanzare all with Zimmerit, could have provide some moulded zim for completeness, otherwise its just another kit like Dragon

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Happy to see Border Model’s take on the Jagdpanzer IV L/48.

@Michael_Kang Michael, welcome to the forum!

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Hmm this looks like an interesting kit. I actually prefer the lack of zimmerit, i like doing it myself and it adds a layer of reality when your hand applied zimmerit is imperfect

I would have to assume that the long barrel L/70 is right around the corner. I was almost getting the Tamiya kit (newer version), but I think I will wait as I will not have to buy after market skirts, as i would with the Tamiya kit.

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Looking forward to this, but one oddity is all the Sherman stuff on the front. M4A3E8 tracks and wheels, the tracks look postwar to me.

Regards Jason

The Sherman on the box art is a Firefly, not a M4A3E8, and the tracks look correct for a Firefly.

He was referring to the Sheman tracks on the front of the Stug

Oh my bad…I did not even notice those.

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Nice looking, and proper disposal of a Firefly. (Sarcasm)

According to Border Model, the kit will include a metal Tool for zimmerit and also the Sherman wheels and tracks as shown on the boxart.