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Border Model will release a final production StuG III ausf. G with full interior

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That looks pretty nice,especially with the stowage and metal schurzen,that fighting compartment looks good,may have to add this one.

It looks fantastic - but the tow cable clamps are the early style - not the late apparently

This is two separate kits - look at the stock numbers 019 and 020. I expect they are following the current trend by the likes of Miniart, RFM, Takom, etc. and releasing one with full interior and one without (although the one without still looks like it includes the fighting compartment, just not the driver’s area/transmission and engine. The bonus for the full interior kit is the crew, and for the other it is all the stowage.

There are some mistakes in the intercom system that we see above. That’s about the only part of a Stug that I’m qualified to speak on, but I’m sure of what I say.


It looks there a 3 kits, the early version with interior and final production with and without interior.

I’d probably go for the Interior kit. The crew look nice. Seems a bit churlish not to give you the stowage and the gun cover with the interior kit though.

Why do you say that? As per the poster labelling, the figures and the stowage are “Bonus” items for each kit. If they do that, the kit will simply cost more money and could impact sales. Not everyone wants a crew, or stowage or an interior, and the crew and stowage are not necessary items to build the model.

More likely they are hoping enthusiasts will buy both kits to get all the “extras”…

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There aren’t many kits that offer such well-fit crews. I’ll take the crew and interior and run with it, inaccuracies or not. I also saw Rye Field is releasing a Stug III with interior. Can’t hate the crew. It’s all a lot more than ever available before. No complaints.

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oooh. nice. Do like the Crew.

That thing is lovely. This will be the 3rd kit of Border’s that I’ve built or own. Their stuff is amazing. Complaining about what the kit has or doesn’t have is just nonsense.

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I think you’ve a hell of a nerve to call other people’s comments “nonsense”. Without giving a reason why.

Here’s some “nonsense” : the inclusion of four radio devices in that image is not a normal Stug setup. A platoon commander’s Stug would have three, and a normal Stug would have two. There should be empty racks in the other positions. They’d have to be made of PE. Will Border provide those racks? Why are they showing us a non standard setup?


Bruh, if you’re gonna get that fired up about this, okay…

My reason for using the word “nonsense” is that the complaints are about tiny bits, instead of huge issues. There are plenty of big name brands out there still making sub par kits from decades old molds and passing them off as new, by adding PE, decal sets, etc.

Border is a very new company. Fortunately for them, they have some big backers with deep pockets, helping them make new molds with new technology. If they miss some small details, like radio racks, I think they can be forgiven. Or, spend your money elsewhere.

The radio layout of a Stugs has been clearly described in recent years. When I heard about the forthcoming Stug kits I posted a summary for easy reference. There is no excuse for blindly copying Dragon (again). And the radios are not a “small detail”.


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