Border models 1/32 Lancaster

My Border Models (ex WNW) 1/32 Lancaster arrived on Wednesday. I knew that the box was big but bloody hell it’s maooooosive! :slight_smile: I cleared a space on a shelf that is 0.6m wide and it is nearly as long as that (25mm short!) I placed it next to 4 WNW kits and it is about as high as them! The contents are cleverly packed but I have only dug down to retrieve the instruction booklet because I’m not confident in getting everything back in there! It won’t get built until I have moved into a bigger house and I have also built a new man cave with a larger spray booth, even though my current one is 1.6m wide!
The detail on this kit is very impressive and I’m looking forward to when I can move! :grin:


Good for you Mal… looking forward to seeing this progress. Making masks for it I assume?
Cheers- Richard

I might get one for myself, just for the pleasure of owning it. Can’t see myself building it though!

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I will be cutting masks but, as I have totally retired from producing paint masks to order I don’t intend to be selling any. I had almost completed the camo masks for the HK Lanc, using the Airfix 1/72 scale kit to master them, but didn’t get the HK kit in preference to wanting this after seeing the pre-production builds at Telford. It won’t take me too long to finish up the camo masks but I really can’t be bothered to draw up any instructions and I would charge a fortune for them so I’m not doing it! :slight_smile: But this thing really does need to have the markings painted on?

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If I don’t build it (not likely) it will be worth more in a few years time and the wife can benefit, so I’ve told her anyway! :laughing:

Gorgeous kit! Will be following! I’d buy one of these if I could figure out where the heck to store it

Don’t follow me, you will be waiting a long time. I won’t be building this until I can move! :grin:

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That is a serious packing box… Blimey… looks like a fantastic kit though.

It is a serious packing box and the kit is fantastic. Apart from having to move to be able to accommodate it I also need to think about how I’ll be able to transport it to shows. Luckily the wings can be left unglued so that will help. Then I’ll have to have a table just for it! :grin:


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