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Border has several new kits in preparation

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I’d been hoping for a new 251/D ideally from Meng or Ryefield Model’s but Border might work out just as good.

If the 251/D gets good reviews for accuracy & dimensional correctness from the Aficionados, Experten & Panzer Police, I’m in otherwise pass.

FWIW - saw a real 251/C listed for sale a while back. It sold for $160,000 as is no warranty. Wish I’d known it was close enough to drive to see for a closer look.

Bet that would be a run ride to Sam’s Club for picking up a couple Rotisserie Chicken’s.


Yeah I’m pleased to see the 251 range settle in at Border - we’ll likely see a dozen or more iterations, ausf A, C, D etc, ambulance, 37mm gun, 50mm gun, 75mm short gun, 75mm long PAK 40, command wagon, mortar carrier, bridge carrier and so on. I wonder if they might do the drilling Mg151 and 20mm flak variants too. Lets hope they don’t screw these up. With Border you never know - when they are good they are excellent! But when they are bad they are frustrating because of how good you know they can be.


or to drive through at Starbuck’s…


similar; not a Sd.Kfz. 251, but maybe you’ll like it regardless:


@ram-g Ralf,

That’s awesome!

I hope he has many years of fun & enjoyment!

@phil2015 Phil, $tarBuck’s would get some priceless reactions…especially going through the drive thru with half a dozen passengers to spot for the driver.

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