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Box art for Border Pz.Kpfw IV/70(A) Mid and Final models

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Although I pretty much do modern Middle East building, I’ve always loved the “brutish” look of this final version. Will have to give it a thought or two about adding it to “the stash I’ll never get to build” stash.

Wow looks like a nice kit. I like the boxy look of these tanks as well.

Looks pretty sharp!

Makes a nice addition to Border’s expanding Pz IV line up.

Meh. Go with the Tamiya kit. Border Model is off my purchase list since they did that kit with the cover art of the PLA tank cruising around the streets of San Francisco.

This one?

That could be taken several ways.

  1. Maybe Border’s trying to say China would help the USA in a dire circumstance. A hint of good will toward the USA.

  2. It’s 5th column Chi-Comm propaganda to plant the suggestion of an invasion.

  3. Just another marketing campaign designed to appeal to their home market.

More of a Ryefield Models and Meng fan myself.