Bounty Hunter - Master Box 1/35

Just finished this vignette using the 1/35 Pedro Melgoza by Master Box.
I modified the figures pose since I figured being a bounty hunter he wouldn’t get caught standing around with his rifle on his shoulders. Also modifed the horses saddle and accessories since the kit parts looked more English Country than American West.

The saddle, scabbard and bed roll are scuplted with Aves Epoxy Putty.
I replaced the kti rifle with 3d printed Henry rifle that James_Lee printed for me. Added photo etch ammo on the bandolier and gun belt.

Above is the figure as supplied in the box.
I have several of the Master Box sets and they are fun to work with.
Hope you like.


Nice mods to the figure holding the rifle. I can hear an Ennio Morricone score :musical_score: :musical_note: :notes: :movie_camera:


Thanks! I wanted him to look like he was a tracker “On the Hunt” rather than taking a break.

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Very nice work!:cactus::smiley:

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Thanks Michael. I knew I had to do this one because of the Sombrero. I always liked Robert Mitchum in “The Wonderful Country”.

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Fantastic Western piece there Gary!

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Thanks Karl. I like just about all things that are Old West.

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Very nice and colorful…a real change from all the military models that are posted on the forums. You did a smashing fantastic job on the converting.

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Thanks Trisaw! I’ve primarily built military models all my life so yes this was a fun change of pace. Working on a really old Pyro Kit of a Fijian Outrigger now. It’s a “real” change of pace.