Bovington Tank museum visit

hi all,

just letting you know that as part of my 50th birthday I plan to visit Bovington Tank Museum. if anyone has any requests for pictures of some of the exhibitions please feel free to contact me.

kind regards



You wouldn’t have enough memory capacity nor battery power… I had over 9000 pics from when I was there, and my wife pulled the external drive cord without first ejecting it… and I lost everything…

Happy Birthday when it comes around. Enjoy the time there, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate David.


Make sure you book ahead just in case

@CMOT already done mate, museum and hotel bagged and tagged :slight_smile:

@Klaus-Adler David, Happy Birthday :birthday:!

That should be a fantastic visit and lots of fun! Hopefully, there will be a little extra time to check out the museum’s gift shop too!

@Armor_Buff Wade if i buy any more models there maybe an expensive divorce on the cards lol


well folks, I’m a 40 minutes drive from the museum. I’m near Blandford Forum in a place called Child Okeford, which is a very rural setting.

tomorrow I depart for a full day at the museum, hopefully it’s mostly indoors as it scheduled to rain all day tomorrow.


Its all indoors bud and I highly recommend Duxford on your way back as that will take two days easily.

@CMOT it’s a no go on duxford, after bovington, the next stop is Blackpool for the little wife to enjoy herself for a bit.

Have fun David.

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went a bit nuts in the souvenir shop

also my phone battery went from 100% to 3% whilst taking pictures


How much was that?

it’s part of my 50th birthday tour so you don’t want to know how much I spent.

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You are not dedicated enough if you still had 3%… :rofl:

Nice haul.


@petbat hey Peter I was also using my wife’s phone as well and hers went from 100% to 15%


Now that is some serious picture taking :clap: kudos :clap:!

Nice Haul!

No excuses. That last 3% will be the image you wont have when you need it. :hugs: :hugs:



Hope you had fun! That trip is for sure on my bucket list!

I don’t suppose you might have gotten some pictures of their archer?

If he didn’t, there are some here:

…and the one that I caressed two weeks ago in the Australian Armour and Artilley Museum is the subject of a walkaround here:

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I have one picture of it from another angle but after a drive to Blackpool that should have taken 4 hours but instead it took 9 hours I’m a little tired and grumpy…still the birthday cards and presents are making feel loved again :sunglasses:

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