Boxer CRV Australian version

OK I know half of nothing about the Boxer CRV’s that Australia is buying/building. But I have a friend who is looking for one that represents the Australian version. Anyone point me in the direction of one? Or close to it?


There’s a few differences to the production model as seen in this near complete walk around of an Aussie Boxer. Your best bet would be to hope for an after-market conversion, or that Hobbyboss goes for this iteration. Heck, I’d be interested in a kit of this. Or that funky six wheeled M113 the Aussies have.

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The M113AS4

You would get a shed loan of Aussies supporting that… we went nuts over the AFV Club M113A1 with T50 turret that just graced our shores… an AS4 would be a dream come true, as would the Boxer.


The mouse house resin kit is expensive and difficult to find… Like showcase models’ bushmaster.

I thought about the resin kit long and hard, but in the end the cost was prohibitive.

I bought a Bushmaster when they first came out. They pop from time to time on Modelnerds’ 2nd had site. Their stock on their site ​is pretty low at the moment though:

Occasionally someone will put one up for sale on one of the Facebook swap and sell sites over here .

Some good deals there, I’ll add the page to favorites. Like the Bledisloe Cup… Cheeky,

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Hi Bruce,
there is one resin conversion available here in Germany that could be the base for a Boxer CRV. Australian Defense Force currently has two variants of the Boxer.

Boxer APC

Boxer Recon
It should be noted that the conversion by Nahm Modellbau is a Boxer with with a Lance turret, not the real CRV. It should also be noted that the kit is made to fit on the RoG base, not the HobbyBoss kit.

Is that pink in the APC camo? It sure looks like pink. Really cool camo if it is!

It´s definitly tan. I would go for the tan as used in USAF´s South East Asia cam from Vietnam War.

Some more pics of the Boxer CRV. All from the internet.

Boxer CRV_48
Boxer CRV_52

Boxer CRV_58


It is a Tan colour that has pinkish tones in certain light - more so when faded. FS 30219

ASLAV (looking orange later in the day)

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Always liked that camo - very cool! When did Australia start using that camo scheme btw ?

1995 apparently:

Very cool! Thanks for that Peter.

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Thanks guys. Some neat images that have me wanting one as well.
My friend hasn’t built a model in years and has limited skills. So I wouldn’t ‘push’ an after market mod onto him.

Let’s hope someone releases a full kit.