BR Paint Colours for Hymek

I have just acquired second-hand a Hornby OO Hymek … rather worse for wear, and in need of some serious detailing and repaint. I plan to finish the loco in BR Blue and Yellow, and wonder whether there are fairly accurate enamels for the two colours. Also, the roof-mounted horns are integrally moulded with the panel (rather unconvincing to say the least), so I will need to shave these off and replace them with after-market items … any suggestions?



Hi Paul, welcome to the site!

Are you in the UK or US?

I’ll ask my BR connection about the enamels.

The BR Blue is Monastral Blue and is available in the UK from Railmatch, Pheonix Precision Paint and older tinlets from Humbrol in their Authentic colours series. It is also available from Humbrol in their current Acrylic range - there should be a US distributor for that. The yellow is called Warning Panel Yellow and is available from the same suppliers. The replacement air horns are from MJT Components and available by mail order.
Hope that helps!

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JP TRR & Stephen,

Thanks for your helpful responses. Yes I’m in the UK.
Since posting my question, I’ve found out that the model
in question is the old Triang-Hornby release. Consequently,
it suffers from some notable errors; most notably an incorrect
class number, not to mention over simplified mouldings around
the body. So, quite a lot of work required here!