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I was thinking about adding brass pedestal to my collection of parts for Italeri 1/35 Elco 80. I hope to start her soon. However, I never used or purchase brass pedestals. So, beside the height clearance for the propellers…what else do you guys take into consideration when adding such accessories to your ship model?

I am thinking about ordering these as they are the tallest I have found.

The height and base are 2+ inches. However, I like to hear your opinion, or experience, or anything…pros and cons. Thanks in advance!


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Many modelers use these: Lamp Necks | Grand Brass Lamp Parts, LLC. or these: Risers And Lamp Shade Rests | Grand Brass Lamp Parts, LLC.
Just choose a style and size that works. They’re a lot cheaper than the purpose-made stands.
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Mike, when selecting pedestals for a ship model display I consider such things as the shape (complex and fancy for a sailing ship, maybe simpler for a modern subject), material (brass? wood?), whether they are the right size for the model (they don’t disappear or overwhelm), etc., but basically my criteria are aesthetic and subjective - “do the pedestals look good on the model?”

There are many good options available such brass rods:

pedestals adapted from drawer pulls:

light switch chain pulls:

the ever-popular brass lampshade risers:

or dedicated pedestals for ship models like this one from Aber:

or these from Model Shipways:

In short, whatever makes you happy is the right choice. For what it is worth, I think the pedestals you’ve chosen for your Elco are quite attractive! :grin:

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@Biggles50 Leo, thanks for the links. Funny thing, I went to Home Depot to see what I could see in kitchen section regarding brass for drawers but didn’t find much. But, I had not looked on line as in store inventory can vary from online even with HD or Lowes. Your links open up a whole new option and a lot cheaper. The ones I posted will cost $33 a pair for a set. And that’s the cheap Chinese brass.

@TimReynaga Tim, wow those are some wonder builds and examples of pedestal examples. As I mentioned to Leo, I was thinking online with brass handles for kitchen drawers but I was not thinking light or lamps accessories…:thinking: that’s a whole new area to look into :grin:

Modeling forums, you have to live it. The wealth of knowledge floating around is incredible. Thanks guys!

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Just happened to remember that some modelers have used expended rifle shells. Drill out the bottom end to pass a bolt, or screw through, and you stand the shell on it’s bottom end. Of course, you have to have access to a rifle range and collect a few high-powered discarded shells, polish them, then varnish. High-powered large caliber shouldered shells look best!

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@Biggles50, Leo…:thinking: now there’s a thought :laughing:

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