Brazilian Army M8 Greyhound Rocket Launcher - DPET Prototype 1/35 - Tamiya + HobbyHudy Conversion

Using the M-8 as a platform, two rocket launcher designs were developed 81mm, which culminated in the elaboration of two prototypes in 1966, one by the Directorate of Research and Technical Education (DPET), to the which was attached to a rotating tower, built in the War Arsenal, with two sets of seven launchers each, on the sides of the tower, these rockets used under the wings of the P-47 Thunderbolt planes, of which the FAB had a large quantity and were ceded to the Army, operating in the same pattern as a Russian Katiusha of the Second World War, for area saturation, being just one built.


The conversion kit:


Very interesting, look forward to seeing how this plays out.

Looks interesting. The conversion parts look 3D printed. If so, did yo do them yourself or are they from some shop?


I designed and am producing and selling this conversion!

Starting the assembly of the M8 chassis… Very smooth assembly, Tamiya standard!

Testing the turret in place…

Lightly fitted rocket tubes just to get an idea of ​​the set

Tomorrow there’s more! See you soon!


Moving the project forward…

Chassis ready, turret in place:

Black primer and first layer of Brazilian Army Olive Green:

Movement on the bench:


Starting the decals:

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Let’s finish!


I think it turned out very well. :+1:

Great job on tackling a very obscure subject. I love seeing things that aren’t Panthers, Shermans, etc.

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