Hi all,
I’m building a kit of Arsenal of the BRDM-1 scout car. I think that it is the same kit available with the Eastern Express brand.
The kit has its difficulties, but it is not too bad.
A defect is that no any machine gun is included, nor the support of the frontal one (but there are supports for the lateral ones).
I know that very early BRDM-1 (1958) were without any armament, but I would like to complete it with Egyptian markings.
I haven’t photos of Egyptian BRDM-1, only a profile and the decals inside the kit. The profile shows two machine guns, a large one on the front, probably a DShKM, and a smaller one, SGMB.

I haven’t found clear enough photos of them.
My best image of SMGB is this one:

About the DshKM, some photos of other BRDM-1 in museums show what could be the base of an installation similar to that of tanks as T-55s, but the profile above seems to show something more simple.
In my spare pieces boxes I’ve found a PK of Dragon that seems adaptable to SGMB and the DShKM with its support from a Soviet tank.
Has anyone images or suggestions that could be useful to resolve this problem? Or photos of Egyptian BRDM-1 in service? Maybe one without the machine guns?
Thank you for any help.


The front mounted machine gun rather looks like a 14.5mm KPV

The KPV was often fitted to late production BRDM-1’s



I agree. This would be a complication. I have a set of meng including a ZPU-1, that looks the same weapon but with a different tripod. Eventually I could use an optional barrel included into the kit and scratchbuild the whole thing,… seems a lot of work.
Where could I find a spare KPV?


The ZPU-1 is based on the KPV indeed. There’s also one included in Meng Toyota technical kit


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I’m not too sure that the KPV was ever actually fitted to the BRDM-1; whilst, apparently it could take the 12.7 Dushka, I’m really not convinced that it could withstand the stress etc of a 14.5mm weapon, but hey! What do I know?

What I did for my model – the same as yours – albeit some time ago, was to fit an SGMB. For that I utilized the MG from this set:


Whilst technically it is an SG-43 – everything you need is there. The set I purchased was quite cheap, and whilst I doubt I will ever use the figures, I felt it was money well spent.

I added a spent-cases bag from Milliput, and the mount from plastic card. I omitted the shoulder stock as my research indicated that they were not always fitted. (I didn’t get the mount quite right but it was some time ago). Anyway, I ended up with an MG-equipped BRDM-1:

'Hope this helps.


I guess the Northern Alliance T-55 crews didn’t bother :wink:



There again Frenchy, they wouldn’t!

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Thank you all for yor considerations.
The KPV is indeed described on Wikipedia as possible front armament for BRDM-1.
A possibility is scratchbuilding the whole thing, utilizing an alternative barrel included in the set of Meng without sacrifice of the whole weapon. I started a similar work for a North Korean Chonma years ago, but it is still not completed. It wouldn’t be that easy, I need some better image to see what to do.
The machine gun of the Zvezda box of soldiers is interesting, I have that set and I’ll have a look to it tomorrow.
I’ve tried to collect photos of SGMB to look for the support and the connection to the ammo box. For what I see, infantry weapons with bipod bear the ammo box suspended under the body of the machine gun, while those with tripod have more strange solutions for the box supported on the right of the weapon with strange angulation. The bw photo above seems without ammo box, the feed should be from the right side.

Perhaps this link will help:


which includes this excellent picture (albeit on a BTR 60 series):

Good image, thank you.
Now I need at least a good image of the ammo box and how it is suspended.
I’ve checked my BTR-60 of Trumpeter, it is armed with a DShKM on that position. No optional weapons in the kit, unfortunately.

The link will give you all the images I imagine you will need re the ammo box eg:

Really good link, thank you.

I am working on the machine gun of Zvezda, it is really similar. I’m builing the ammo box basket over the box of the kit, then the waste shells collecting device will be to scratchbuild.
I’ve still to decide what to do about the large KPV. Aren’t there photos of Egyptian BRDM-1 available to see if I can choose some example without the KPV? I have only a profile with this weapon.

I believe it’s the same kit - ie Italeri rebox.

Good luck with your project.

Yes, the box is from Italeri, with plastic from Zvezda.