BRDM. Shoot and Scoot

I decided to pull out the old DML 1991 release of the BRDM with ATGM .
Overall its not a horrible kit. I does take some extra work to make it look presentable.
I did add the resin building and base to help set the scene.
I added a ton of scratch work to it . All in all it was a enjoyable stroll down memory lane.


Nicely done! The building and ground work stage the scene. It’s really great to see an older kit get some love and be well presented.

I remember the kit and did one in the early 1990’s. Thought it was pretty decent overall kit and better than many of the DML kits of that era.

Thank you. Believe me there is allot of evergreen on it .lol

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Excellent work on the misspelling tubes.

An Evergreen/DML kit :slight_smile:

How do you like the Chopper?

I love the chopper. I find new uses for it all the time .
One use is to lift the green pad out and use the inside to square pieces up.

That’s a very useful idea!

I have a cheapo knock but want something a little more durable and precise. Thank you for the information.

Mine is from evergreen … Its the one with the metal base . I used one of the press board base ones for years .
That would be a great way to go . The beat thing I can tell you is that over time it will make a groove into the breadboard. The easiest way to fix that is to fill it with ca and use a kicker , then sand it smooth . The kicker makes it super hard.

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Was going to pm you with some info and cant figure out how …lol

Click on the user name, then the message button. :+1:

While out of stock, some other choices.

Thank you Tank .

A friend had one with bread board that eventually hugged out. Not sure if he fixed it yet. That convinces me to look for a metal base one.

Dont do a metal base it will make your blade skip

The 1 or 3 are great choices. Of the ones available Id go with the 3. i have the 2 now and sometimes thw extra wide base would be nice that the 3 has

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