Bristol Boxkite Rigging

Hi All,
I’m building the Lifelike (or Inpact, Pyro, Lindberg, and any other boxing that escapes me right now) Bristol Boxkite. I think that it’s going reasonably well but now it’s coming to crunch time. The rigging–to say that there are gaps in the available rigging plans is an understatement. There are a couple of spots that I can’t figure out how to route. Anyone know of any sources where I might get some definitive answers? Thanks in advance!


While no originals survive, three airworthy reproductions were made for “Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines” with which the kit was original associated. All three are still around; one went to Australia (the Army got it so the RAAF have built another flying example for themselves) but the other two are in the U.K. Of those one is hanging up in Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery but the other is with the Shuttleworth Collection and (I believe) is still flown on occasion. These are probably your best chances.



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Thanks, Tom, I’ll have to look into this. There are a couple of archived build logs out there, one of which has been a tremendous help (The Unofficial Airfix Modellers’ Forum). I was hoping for a Windsock Data File or something, but no such luck! For such a plane I would have thought that there’d be more out there in the way of schematics.