Brit antenna fit

What antenna fit did the Daimler scout car use? Phtos I’ve seen of them look to have 2 sizes, 2 meter (?) and a shorter one (1.5 meter?) . The Sherman Ic seemed to have the same set up. (did a Daimler Dingo. Looks like it had 2 X 2 meter antennas)

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A quote from another site:
Normally vehicles would be equipped with two sets:

  • A type varies in length as it is made up of 4 foot sections, up to 16 feet (4x4), all dependent on the required range. When deploying max height max, the vehicle must remain stationary. Usual set up is either one or two sections, and the base of the mast is the simple cone shape.

  • B type is constant length (quoted sources vary as having it either 20 or 24 inches). This mast is the one that has the circular open guard around it.

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In more modern times (think Clansman and Larkspur) antenna lengths were typically 2 metres for usual use and 1 metre for battle antenna (or their non metric equivalent).

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I know ww2 German standards were1.4 meter and 2 meter. 2 meter seems to be the norm world wide. Corse it depends on the freq.

Looks like I need to do some trimming. 2 meter is 6 foot, so for 4 ft I’ll have to wack off a bit. (would that have been the norm on the move? ) And figure out the length for the 24 inchers. As mentioned I have a Dingo. Antenna mounts are the ones with no round guard. 2 x 4 footers then ?

It does seem sensible :slight_smile: